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Post-Surgery Recovery & Longevity in Grande Prairie

Let Redefine Oxygen Assist in Your Recovery

For patients who have recently had a medical or cosmetic surgical procedure, HBOT can speed up your overall healing process.  Research has found that HBOT can shorten recuperation time by half; reducing swelling and pain while potentially improving your surgical results.

Longevity & Weight-Loss

As time passes, we tend to notice our aging face and body – Using HBOT can contribute to your anti-aging and weight-loss goals, while also keeping your mind refreshed and rejuvenated.
While most anti-aging and weight-loss systems are subjective, you can be rest assured that HBOT is proven to have favorable results for your mind, body and soul.

HBOT has a profound effect on the body’s circulatory affect; another aspect is HBOT’s direct effects on the lymphatic circulation system, bringing body waste products back into the liver to be transformed into excrete-able forms. Using hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy also helps to oxidize fatty tissue, promoting the breakdown of fatty tissue.

If you are ready to feel refreshed and re-energized the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy are too vast to ignore; our staff at Redefine Oxygen will be able to talk to you about what you are looking to get from your chamber therapy treatments.