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Sports Performance and Injury Recovery in Grande Prairie

Hyperbaric oxygen is being routinely utilized by professional athletes and teams to shorten the recuperation period after soft-tissue injuries. Soft-tissue injury inevitable results in a disturbance of the microcirculation with the release of chemicals known as inflammatory mediators, which cause swelling or edema and further soft-tissue damage.

Professional sports teams such as the Vancouver Canucks, the NY Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys all use HBOT on a regular basis to increase performance and assist in sports-related injuries. These professional teams and leagues see the benefit in hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy to reduce player ‘downtime’ after soft-tissue injuries.

Recovery from Concussion

Along with soft-tissue injury, HBOT can also assist in complete recovery from concussions; an estimated 300,000 sports-related concussions occur annually in contact sports, such as football, soccer, and hockey.

Current research shows evidence that even mild, repeated concussions will produce far-reaching cumulative problems and can a have a serious impact on an athlete’s health and future quality of life.

Studies have shown that HBOT prevents progression to chronic disability from repeated concussions. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy dissolves oxygen into the body’s fluids while re-establishing oxygen to the body tissues that have been compromised or have been receiving less than normal amounts of blood flow and thereby promoting overall health and healing.

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