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Redefining Healthy

Chamber Treatment Options

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy are clear, redefine your idea of health and let Redefine Oxygen help you create the treatment plan that works best for you today.

  1. Single Session
    • $80.00/60-minute session
    • $100.00/90-minute session
  2. 20 Sessions
    • $1200.00 ($60/Session)
  3. 30 Sessions
    • $1500.00 ($50/Session)
  4. 40 Sessions
    • $1800.00 ($45/Session)

All sessions purchased at Redefine Oxygen are completely transferable so you can share your newfound passion for health with family and friends or keep your sessions all to yourself!

Experience the power of Oxygen

Come and see what the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen are, and what it can do for you.